About Us

We are an international Financing and Financial Advisory business

Our special skill is the ability to dig hard to execute complex deals, informed by an unrivalled commitment to understanding the asset, allowing us to price risk more accurately. We invest our own capital in companies where we believe our sector experience, and our strategic and geographic expertise, will improve performance.

Our aim

Ekahi’s current structure emerged in 2000 while the legacy traces 60 years. Today Ekahi is an International Financing and Financial Advisory Business Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Ekahi’s aim is to be a pre-eminent international investment firm. We aim to buy and build investments –

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Lord Davies of Abersoch

Our structure

We are an international investment business headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Ekahi is an international investment business consisting of a holding company and four groups which target investments in the metals &energy, financial services & real estate, internet & technology,

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Our Strategy and Capital Allocation

We support sectors that satisfy human needs. People need energy, technology and healthcare.

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Our investment philosophy

As entrepreneurs and successful business people we invest in, buy and build companies where we see an attractive valuation, competitive advantage and market opportunity, and where our involvement will build significant value.

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Where we invest

Ekahi owns companies – and has equity investments in companies – with operations in 36 countries around the world. We are actively looking for more investment opportunities.

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Leadership & governance

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance, business practice and ethics.

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