Our aim

Ekahi’s current structure emerged in 2000 while the legacy traces 60 years. Today Ekahi is an International Financing and Financial Advisory Business Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Ekahi’s aim is to be a pre-eminent international investment and advisory firm. With an emphasis on bottom-up information that ignites recognition of hidden value. We aim to buy and build investments – in selected sectors – that stand the test of time and create value for all our partners and stakeholders, and which will become the foundation for a new, highly regarded global investment business.”

We focus on particular sectors – where we have specialism – at the moment that is metals & energy, financial services & real estate, internet & technology, lifesciences & health and hospitality & retail.

We are a family office that invests through our subsidiaries. Our liquidity is managed by Ekahi Treasury. If we think a sector is attractive, and can be grown beyond the size and time horizon of private equity, we will recruit renowned industry leaders to work in partnership with us to invest at scale.

We live in an unpredictable world, in many ways facing a new industrial revolution in which social media, robotics, 3D manufacturing, artificial intelligence and new trade corridors are altering the landscape. Old global certainties and structures are changing rapidly.

Despite this Ekahi has made good progress in diversifying its portfolio. It has established new investment units in the health and retail sectors. We believe that it is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risk.

Ekahi’s focus to ensure that the Board has the right balance of skills and experience to support and challenge Ekahi’s investment management teams and their decisions.

Ekahi continues to attract world-class talent to its Advisory Boards. These Advisory Board members include former chief executives, chairmen and entrepreneurs in their respective industries, who have managed international businesses through turbulent times.

Ekahi investment teams and Advisory Boards stand ready to provide strategic advice and to work with the companies Ekahi invests in to realise their potential.

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