Our Strategy and Capital Allocation-

We support sectors that satisfy human needs. People need energy, food retail, technology and healthcare.

Ekahi Strategy

We are entering a new age of economic disruption, which is impacting all of us and is driven by extraordinary levels of human creativity and technology. As the world shifts economically, there is a danger of economic and political volatility, but also new growth opportunities emerge as industries evolve new operating models.

Ekahi is unique in the industry because:

  • We have a strong balance sheet;
  • We are independent, private and employee-owned, and transact deals in absolute confidentiality;
  • We act as principal in transactions and co-invest with clients;
  • Nearly one third of our workforce are dedicated analysts, one of the deepest benches in the industry; and
  • We believe that traditional investment banks underserve dynamically growing small-to-mid-sized corporations and we work hard to fill that gap.

We use our balance sheet to facilitate primary issuance, secondary trading and investments focused on corporate bonds, loans, trade claims and special situations.

Our teams of professionals combine decades of industry leadership have significant sector expertise, particularly in energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, telecom & media, metals & mining, financials, shipping, retail and real estate.

Technology impacts relationships with customers and business models and is creating change in every sector.

Ekahi Capital Allocation

Our investment teams are structured to invest at scale in the oil and gas, retail, health, telecoms and technology sectors.

Oil and Gas – Increasing population growth means increased demand for energy. For the next 50 years, oil and gas will be an important cash flow generator. We invest in good development opportunities at low oil prices, then target operating improvements and cost optimisation.

Technology – Big international companies are evolving their operating models, automating and changing their customer relationships in 21st-century digital economy. We invest in technology and software companies, which will provide the software and services to enable this transformation. Our expertise in retail, banking, health, oil and gas and telecoms will help us make world-class investments.

Health – Technology and demographic trends are pushing the boundaries of healthcare and creating new investment opportunities in contract manufacturing, life science tools and medical distribution. Ekahi Health aims to make several sizeable investments aimed at generating high cash flow and growth in these areas.

Retail –The retail sector is in midst of substantial change, driven by demographics and technology. We are looking for non-cyclical niches and companies that will be disruptors in the sector. These are the companies that will generate cash flow and growth.

Treasury – The majority of assets are invested in low-risk, highly liquid assets so that funds can be released quickly and provided to the rest of Ekahi. In order to have adequate funds available at relatively short notice, Ekahi Treasury selects a broad mix of investments.

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