Our Businesses

Our businesses

Our investments are focused on the energy, technology, real estate, financial services, engineering and logistics through our four main business units.

Ekahi Metals & Energy

Building a world-class oil and gas portfolio and investing in responsible metal production.

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Ekahi Internet & Technology

Investing in technology and software companies that will enable businesses to improve their efficiency.

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Ekahi Healthcare & Lifesciences

Looking for acquisition opportunities that occupy a critical and strategic role in the healthcare chain.

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Ekahi Logistics & Supply Chain

Leveraging a strong track record to buy and build a global footprint.

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Ekahi Treasury & Trading

Managing the liquidity and financial investments.

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Ekahi Financial Services & Real Estate

Providing liquidity solutions to global institutions.

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Ekahi Heavy Industry & Engineering

Building a geographically distributed portfolio of engineering businesses.

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Ekahi Credit & Capital

Over the past 10 years of rapid growth, we have utilised the profound industrial advantages afforded to us by the Group to constantly innovate, making financial services one of key industries in which we continue to excel.

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