Ekahi Internet & Technology

Software and new technology is creating opportunities for radical change in telecoms IT infrastructure.

Our strategy is to invest in internet enabling infrastructure and internet based technology and software companies that will enable businesses to improve their productivity.

Ekahi has a unique vantage point of the digital transformation at Industria that is creating co-working spaces. The company is reinventing the way people work and how young entrepreneurs get funded.

Ekahi Internet & Technology Portfolio

Industria is a company which provides shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small business.

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Developing a cutting edge B2B payments platform

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Fifth Journey was founded by a team of acclaimed game developers responsible for some of the biggest interactive hits in Hollywood and chart-topping success in China. We’re at the leading edge of entertainment, creating new and exciting experiences for fans and helping Hollywood build franchises like never before.

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Provide low-cost, high-performance space launch capability for the under-served small satellite market, where secondary-payload launches are often the only option.

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