Ekahi Metals & Energy

Ekahi Metals & Energy

Ekahi’s ambition is to build a safe, sustainably growing vertical, which is recognised as a partner of choice in its industry.

Our Aim

Ekahi aims to do this through acquiring and then developing a portfolio of several regionally focused platforms, and by entering the rapidly evolving markets for alternative energy and energy infrastructure. We invest for the long term, bringing strategic expertise, capital and rigorous performance management to a portfolio of regionally focused platforms. Our activity aims to create value both for shareholders and for the rest of society through the provision of safe and reliable energy.

Ekahi Energy is making good progress towards achieving its ambition to build a safe, sustainably growing global energy group. Its first acquisition was Ashers a metal management and production company, that is developing an energy portfolio. This acquisition gave Ekahi Energy its first growth platform.

Building a Growth Platform in North Africa & South America

Drawing on its world-class expertise, Ekahi has been working with Ashers to refocus it on its core competencies; to rebalance its portfolio based on value and growth prospects; to optimise its business model for a low oil price market; and to accelerate its growth by making capital available for selective business development.

Ashers is concentrating on North Africa and incubating new opportunities South America where the company can create long-term value.

In 2016, Ashers delivered strong financial and operational performance, leading to an increase in the value of the business of 20%.

Acquiring Other Platforms For Growth

Ekahi continues to look for opportunities to unlock value in other markets by acquiring other regional platforms. We will act as a patient investor, creating value for our shareholders and for society as the world around us changes.

Ekahi Metals & Energy portfolio

Ashers is a diversified metals and energy platform.

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